Secret Canyon Oct 09

From the trailhead at the end of FR 152
PA202107   SECRET CANYON PA202108 PA202109 PA202110
PA202112 PA202113   Because of a recent fire at the top of the canyon, every wash is filled with finer black powder PA202114 PA202115
PA202116 PA202117 PA202118 PA202119
PA202120 PA202121 PA202122   The large manzanita species PA202123
PA202124 PA202125 PA202126 PA202127
PA202128 PA202129 PA202130 PA202131
PA202132 PA202133 PA202134 PA202135
PA202136 PA202137   The David Miller fork goes over the canyon wall into Bear Sign PA202139 PA202140
PA202141 PA202142 PA202143 PA202144
PA202145 PA202146 PA202147 PA202149
PA202150 PA202151 PA202152 PA202153   We begin to see fall color
PA202154 PA202155 PA202156   Bigtooth maple gives us our spectacular reds PA202157
PA202159   Poison ivy, prolific in this canyon, gives us reds and yellows PA202161 PA202162 PA202163
PA202164 PA202165 PA202166 PA202167
PA202168 PA202169 PA202170 PA202171
PA202172 PA202173 PA202174 PA202175
PA202176 PA202177 PA202178 PA202179
PA202181 PA202182 PA202183 PA202184
PA202185 PA202186 PA202187 PA202188
PA202189 PA202190 PA202191 PA202192
PA202193 PA202194 PA202195 PA202196
PA202197 PA202198 PA202199 PA202200
PA202201 PA202202 PA202203 PA202204
PA202205 PA202206 PA202207 PA202208
PA202209 PA202210 PA202211 PA202212
PA202214 PA202215 PA202216 PA202217
PA202218 PA202220 PA202221 PA202222
PA202223 PA202224 PA202225 PA202226
PA202227 PA202228 PA202229 PA202230
PA202232 PA202233 PA202235 PA202236