Soldier Pass Heights Apr 09

P4148138   SOLDIER PASS HEIGHTS P4148139   We start at the Soldier Pass trailhead P4148140 P4148141
P4148143   The first spring flowers are out! Indian paintbrush. P4148144   Claret cup cactus P4148145 P4148146   Perky Sue
P4148148 P4148149   Seven Sacred Pools P4148150 P4148151
P4148152 P4148154 P4148155   Daffodils P4148156
P4148158 P4148160 P4148162 P4148163   Sugar sumac
P4148165 P4148167 P4148168   Black-eyed daisies P4148169
P4148170 P4148171 P4148172 P4148173
P4148174 P4148176   We leave the main trail here and head for the Heights P4148178 P4148179
P4148180   Our first stop: a ruin with rock art P4148181 P4148182 P4148183
P4148184 P4148185   This could be a partial metate P4148187 P4148188
P4148189   Our break stop just after the ruins: great valley views P4148191 P4148192 P4148194
P4148195 P4148196   A pour P4148197 P4148199   Cross-bedding
P4148200 P4148201 P4148202 P4148203
P4148204 P4148205   These colors in rock art are uncommon P4148206 P4148207   Thick mats of moss growing on the gallery walls
P4148209 P4148210   We make our way around the mountain, following this ledge line P4148211 P4148212
P4148213   Our first big climb P4148214 P4148215 P4148216
P4148217 P4148218 P4148219 P4148220
P4148221 P4148223 P4148224   Lost Wilson Mountiain across the valley P4148225
P4148227 P4148229   Another claret cup P4148230 P4148231
P4148232 P4148233   The back of the hill behind Capitol Butte P4148234 P4148235
P4148236 P4148240 P4148241   Huge fallen blocks litter our path below the cliff P4148242
P4148243 P4148244   THe Fort Apache layer is now visible high in the cliff P4148246   We follow the top of this deep cut into the gap behind our mountain and the hill behind Capitol Butte P4148248   Below the top of the Capitol Butte cliff, this perfect ruin
P4148249 P4148250 P4148251 P4148252
P4148253 P4148254   We cross the end of the deep cut P4148255   Now we follow the other side P4148256
P4148257 P4148258 P4148259 P4148261   Wallflowers
P4148262 P4148263   On the back of Capitol Butte, this twisty trail points to Devil's Bridge P4148264 P4148265
P4148266 P4148268 P4148269 P4148273
P4148274 P4148275 P4148276   Fleabane P4148278   A Sage lily
P4148279 P4148280 P4148281 P4148282
P4148284   Three-fourths of the way around. West Sedona is over that next ridge. P4148285 P4148286 P4148287
P4148288 P4148289 P4148290   Penstemon P4148291
P4148292 P4148294 P4148295   Norm's Notch, through which we will climb, is now in sight P4148297
P4148301 P4148302 P4148303   Our luch stop, just before climbing through the Notch P4148306   The climb up
P4148307 P4148308   That's the Fort Apache layer in the middle of the hoodoo P4148310 P4148311
P4148313   We start descending between this and the wall to the left P4148314 P4148315   This is the only way to do it P4148317
P4148318 P4148319 P4148320 P4148321
P4148323   Now we take an easy trail along the ledges back to our starting point P4148324 P4148325 P4148326
P4148327 P4148328 P4148329 P4148330
P4148332 P4148333   Rejoining the main trail P4148334 P4148336