Steamboat Rock Mar 09

From the Midgley Bridge trailhead
P3177477   STEAMBOAT ROCK P3177478 P3177480   A Westerners sign at the Wilson trailhead P3177481
P3177482   The old bridge over Wilson Canyon P3177484 P3177485 P3177486
P3177488 P3177489 P3177490   Crossing the wash at the head of the canyon P3177491
P3177492   First, we explore lower Wilson Canyon P3177493 P3177494 P3177495
P3177497 P3177498 P3177499 P3177501
P3177502 P3177503 P3177504 P3177505
P3177506 P3177507 P3177508 P3177509
P3177510 P3177511 P3177512 P3177513   Our snack stop at the head of Lower WIlson
P3177514   ...Which is a good view point P3177515 P3177516 P3177517   Steamboat Rock
P3177518 P3177519   Our destination, Steamboat Rock P3177520 P3177522
P3177523 P3177524 P3177525   Steamboat Rock P3177526
P3177527 P3177528 P3177529 P3177530
P3177531   Back from our side trip up the canyon, we take the turnoff to Steamboat P3177532   ...via the Jim Thompson Trail P3177533 P3177534   On the Jim Thompson, this "flower wall" shows off spring blossoms
P3177535 P3177536 P3177539 P3177540   We start to climb Steamboat
P3177543 P3177544   Ledge climbing P3177545 P3177546   Steamboat Rock
P3177547 P3177548   It gets steeper... P3177549   We can see our intended lunch spot now P3177550
P3177551   As we get higher, the views expand P3177552 P3177553   Toward Wilson Mountain P3177554
P3177556 P3177557 P3177558 P3177559
P3177560 P3177561 P3177562 P3177563   Looking back at the Midgley
P3177564   Looking toward Uptown P3177565 P3177566 P3177567
P3177568 P3177569 P3177570   These polygons are formed by limstone deposition along cracks P3177571
P3177572   Steamboat Rock P3177573 P3177574 P3177576   Steamboat Rock
P3177577 P3177578 P3177579 P3177580
P3177581 P3177582   "We're headed this way" P3177583   Steamboat Rock P3177584
P3177585 P3177586 P3177587 P3177588   Steamboat Rock
P3177589 P3177590 P3177591 P3177592
P3177594 P3177595 P3177597   Steamboat Rock P3177598
P3177599   Our lunch spot, between two spires P3177600 P3177601 P3177602
P3177603 P3177604 P3177605 P3177610
P3177615 P3177617 P3177618 P3177619
P3177620 P3177621 P3177622 P3177623   Steamboat Rock
P3177624 P3177625 P3177626 P3177627   Steamboat Rock
P3177628 P3177629 P3177630   Steamboat Rock P3177631   This is probably not a true ruin
P3177632 P3177633   The top of the Fort Apache layer is a convenient place to sit P3177634 P3177635
P3177637   Steamboat Rock P3177638   Steamboat Rock P3177639 P3177640   Steamboat Rock
P3177641 P3177642 P3177643 P3177644
P3177647 P3177648 P3177649 P3177650
P3177651 P3177652 P3177653 P3177654   We head back. A manzanita blossom.
P3177655   These aren't shamrocks, but this is St. Patrick's Day P3177657 P3177658 P3177661
P3177662 P3177665