Steamboat Rock Nov 09

This huge bare-rock mountain rises directly behind uptown Sedona
PB243073   STEAMBOAT ROCK PB243075   We start from the Midgley Bridge trailhead, toward Wilson Canyon PB243076 PB243077   Arizona cypresses
PB243078 PB243079 PB243080 PB243082
PB243083 PB243084   Our break stop is the speactular bowl at the top of Wilson Canyon PB243085   Pointing out the formations PB243086
PB243087   The south face of Wilson Mountain PB243088 PB243089 PB243090   At the fork, we take the Jim Thompson Trail
PB243091 PB243092   Three-fouths of a mile in on the Jim Thompson, we leave the public trail to start steeply up Steamboat Rock PB243093 PB243094
PB243095 PB243096 PB243097   The treeline ends at slickrock on this cold, windy day. PB243099   We climb a series of benches and ledges
PB243100 PB243101 PB243102   Those spires in the background are our objective today PB243103
PB243105 PB243106 PB243107 PB243108
PB243109 PB243110 PB243111 PB243112
PB243113 PB243114 PB243116 PB243117
PB243118   Tephra PB243119   We are sitting on the Fort Apache limestone layer PB243120 PB243122
PB243123 PB243124 PB243125 PB243126
PB243127 PB243128 PB243129 PB243130   This wall towers above us
PB243131 PB243132 PB243133 PB243135
PB243136 PB243137 PB243138 PB243139   A view of Uptown Sedona
PB243141   On the way down, some of us are getting cold in the high wind PB243142 PB243143   The steepest part of the slickrock is still walkable with good boots PB243146
PB243147   Back in the treeline PB243148 PB243149