Sterling Pass Vultee Arch Oct 09

P9291584   STERLING PASS-VULTEE ARCH P9291586   The bottom portion of Sterling Pass, starting at 89A, is very steep P9291587 P9291588
P9291589 P9291590 P9291592   Once above the initial steep slope, we enter the Brins Mesa burn area P9291593
P9291594 P9291595 P9291596 P9291597
P9291598 P9291599 P9291600 P9291601
P9291602 P9291603 P9291605 P9291606
P9291607 P9291609 P9291610 P9291611
P9291612 P9291613 P9291614   Approaching the top of the pass P9291615
P9291616 P9291618 P9291619 P9291620   The overlook just below the summit
P9291621 P9291624   Lower center: the white cross P9291625   Cross-bedding P9291626
P9291627 P9291629 P9291630 P9291631
P9291632 P9291633 P9291635   We take our break on top P9291636   On the west side this time of morning, we plunge into shade
P9291637 P9291638 P9291639 P9291640
P9291641 P9291642 P9291643 P9291644
P9291647 P9291648 P9291651 P9291652   Back in the sun as we near the bottom
P9291653 P9291654 P9291655 P9291656
P9291657 P9291658 P9291659 P9291661
P9291662 P9291664   We reach the slickrock below the Vultee Arch P9291665 P9291666
P9291667   A few of us climb the steep slope below the Arch P9291668   Manzanita P9291670   I walk out onto the Arch P9291671
P9291672 P9291673 P9291674 P9291677
P9291678 P9291680 P9291681 P9291682
P9291683   Back on the rocks below, it's time for lunch P9291686 P9291687 P9291688
P9291690   Heading back... P9291691 P9291692 P9291694
P9291695 P9291696 P9291697 P9291699
P9291700 P9291701 P9291702 P9291703
P9291705 P9291706 P9291707 P9291708
P9291709 P9291711 P9291712 P9291713
P9291714 P9291716 P9291717 P9291718
P9291720 P9291721 P9291722 P9291723
P9291724 P9291725 P9291727 P9291728
P9291729 P9291730 P9291731