Sugarloaf Jan 09

In West Sedona
P1085710   SUGARLOAF P1085711   Starting from the Soldier Pass trailhead P1085712 P1085713
P1085714   A frosty winter morning P1085716   Puddles are still frozen P1085717 P1085718
P1085719   Our first stop: Devil's Kitchen sinkhole P1085720   The 'Grand Piano" made a lot of noise when it fell P1085721 P1085722   "Our crack" opens a little wider every time we stop by
P1085723   An iconic Arizona cypress P1085724 P1085725   Our route will pass Coffeepot, on the left of this wall P1085726   Sugarloaf, our target for today
P1085728 P1085729   Seven Pools. The recent rains have filled them. P1085730 P1085731
P1085732 P1085733 P1085734 P1085735
P1085736 P1085737 P1085738 P1085740
P1085741 P1085742   We find a good break spot P1085743 P1085744
P1085745 P1085746 P1085747   Moss beside the trail P1085748
P1085749   The Wege house P1085750   At this point, we're right under the Coffeepot P1085751   The satellite sewage treatment plant P1085753
P1085754 P1085755 P1085756 P1085757
P1085758 P1085759 P1085760   We have now crossed the saddle bwtenn Coffeepot and Sugarloaf P1085761
P1085762 P1085763 P1085764 P1085765   Capitol Butte is to our right as we climb Sugarloaf
P1085766   We can now look west off the other side of Sugarloaf, with snow-capped Mingus Mountain in the background P1085767   Chimney Rock P1085769   At the summit... P1085770
P1085771 P1085772 P1085773   Looking across Airport Mesa toward Courthouse, Bell Rock and Lee Mountain P1085774
P1085775 P1085776 P1085777 P1085778
P1085779 P1085780 P1085781 P1085782   Sugarloaf is slightly snow-capped too
P1085783   Heading back... P1085784 P1085785 P1085786
P1085787 P1085788   These rocks have fallen off Coffeepot P1085789 P1085790
P1085791 P1085792 P1085793 P1085794