Sunset Brookside Loop Aug 09

Sunset Trail on Mt. Elden, then return via the Brookside.
P8060806   SUNSET BROOKSIDE LOOP P8060807 P8060808   Which way do we start? P8060809
P8060810 P8060811 P8060813   on this trail, we gain altitude fast P8060814
P8060815 P8060816   Huge aspens P8060817 P8060819
P8060820 P8060821 P8060823   In this damp environment, all down wood attracts fungi... P8060824   ...Licen, and moss
P8060826 P8060827 P8060829 P8060830
P8060831 P8060832 P8060833 P8060835
P8060836 P8060837   This one is a fungus P8060838 P8060839
P8060840 P8060841 P8060842 P8060843
P8060844 P8060845 P8060847 P8060848
P8060849 P8060850 P8060851 P8060853
P8060854 P8060855 P8060856 P8060857
P8060858 P8060860 P8060861 P8060862
P8060863 P8060864   At the highest point, where the Sunset Trail neets the Brookside, we choose our snack spot P8060865 P8060867
P8060868 P8060869 P8060870 P8060872
P8060873 P8060874 P8060875 P8060876
P8060877 P8060879 P8060880 P8060881
P8060882 P8060883 P8060884 P8060885
P8060886 P8060888 P8060889 P8060890
P8060891 P8060892 P8060893 P8060894
P8060895 P8060897 P8060898 P8060899
P8060900 P8060901 P8060902   At 8000', we encounter ferns P8060903
P8060904 P8060905 P8060906 P8060907   A beautiful little flowery meadow, visible from our lunch spot
P8060909 P8060911 P8060912 P8060915
P8060916 P8060917 P8060918 P8060921
P8060922 P8060923 P8060924 P8060925
P8060926 P8060927 P8060928 P8060929
P8060930 P8060932 P8060933 P8060934