Sunset Trail Apr 09

On the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff
P4289029   SUNSET TRAIL P4289030   Hiking on a cold, windy day at 8500 ft. P4289031 P4289032
P4289034   We take the loop route: Brookbank Trail out, Sunset returning P4289036   Some patchy snow remains P4289038 P4289039
P4289040 P4289042 P4289043 P4289044
P4289045 P4289046 P4289047 P4289048
P4289050 P4289053 P4289055 P4289056
P4289058 P4289059 P4289060 P4289061
P4289062   This USDA benchmark records a section boundary P4289063 P4289064 P4289065
P4289066 P4289067 P4289070 P4289071
P4289073 P4289074   A tall ponderosa P4289075 P4289077