Sycamore Canyon Overlook Dec 09

A trail near Robbers Roost off 89A south of Sedona
PB173656   SYCAMORE CANYON OVERLOOK PB173658   Is this how Tiger Woods hatches a chick? PB173659 PB173660
PB173661   We climb a ridge, approaching this rock form the downhill side PB173663 PB173664   We climb the uphilll side of the rock PB173665
PB173666   The path up involves crossing some steep cracks in the slickrock PB173667 PB173668 PB173670
PB173671 PB173672 PB173673 PB173676
PB173677 PB173678 PB173681 PB173682
PB173683 PB173684   On our way up t he ridge, we pass a tall steep outcropping PB173685 PB173686   We can now see into Sycamore Canyon near Parson Spring
PB173687 PB173688 PB173689 PB173690   Our goal: the slickrock at the end of a long point overlooking the canyon
PB173692 PB173693 PB173694 PB173695   Looking down canyon in the Clarkdale direction
PB173696 PB173697 PB173698 PB173699
PB173700 PB173701 PB173703 PB173704
PB173705 PB173706 PB173708 PB173709
PB173710 PB173711 PB173712 PB173713
PB173714 PB173715   Heading back, we stop at the first outcropping again... PB173716 PB173717
PB173718   This time, we work our way around the downhill side to a cave PB173719   The cave entrance PB173721 PB173722
PB173723 PB173724 PB173725 PB173727   The roof is darkened, perhaps by smoke
PB173728 PB173729 PB173730 PB173731
PB173732 PB173733 PB173734 PB173736   Re-emerging from the cave
PB173737 PB173740 PB173741   Bobcat tracks