Templeton Trail Feb 09

P2266518   TEMPLETON TRAIL TO CATHEDRAL ROCK P2266519   We depart from Little Horse trailhead P2266520   South on Bell Trail to the Templeton intersection P2266521
P2266523 P2266524 P2266525   Under northbound SR179 P2266526
P2266527   Southbound SR179 P2266528 P2266529 P2266530
P2266531 P2266532   The social bike trail back to VOC P2266533   Cathedral Rock is in sight P2266534
P2266535   Our snack stop P2266536   Suzanne Collins P2266537 P2266538
P2266539 P2266541 P2266542 P2266543
P2266544 P2266545 P2266546 P2266547   A good place for our lunch break
P2266549   Dennis gets out his stool P2266550 P2266551   We head back P2266552
P2266553   Remains of a cabin? P2266554 P2266555 P2266556