The Fin Dec 09

The Fin is an incisor-shaped rock near the Jordan trailhead in uptown Sedona
PC013159   THE FIN PC013160   Starting on the Brins Mesa trail PC013161 PC013162
PC013163 PC013166   Through a dense forest of Arizona cypress PC013167 PC013168
PC013169 PC013170 PC013171 PC013172
PC013173 PC013177 PC013178 PC013180   On the base of the Fin, our break spot
PC013181 PC013182 PC013183 PC013184
PC013185 PC013186 PC013187 PC013188
PC013189 PC013190 PC013191 PC013193
PC013194   We hike around the shaded north side of the Fin PC013198 PC013199 PC013201
PC013202 PC013203 PC013204 PC013205
PC013206 PC013207 PC013210 PC013211
PC013212 PC013214 PC013215 PC013216
PC013217 PC013218 PC013219 PC013220
PC013223   AFter turning around, we cross over to the sunny south side of the formation PC013224 PC013225 PC013226
PC013227   This is the Fin PC013228   Views of Uptown begin to emerge PC013229 PC013230
PC013231 PC013232 PC013233 PC013234
PC013235 PC013236 PC013237 PC013240   We choose our lunch spot
PC013241 PC013242 PC013246 PC013248
PC013250 PC013251 PC013252 PC013253   Uptown Sedona
PC013255   We now start to climb down off the end of the Fin PC013256 PC013258 PC013260
PC013261 PC013262 PC013263 PC013264
PC013265 PC013266   Yes, this is where we just walked PC013267   Climbing down the crack PC013268
PC013269 PC013270 PC013271 PC013272
PC013273 PC013275 PC013276 PC013277   This wash is the traditional around-the-Fin hike
PC013278 PC013279 PC013280 PC013281