Tonto Natural Bridge Jun 09

A large natural bridge with a creek flowing through it near Pinetop
P6149588   TONTO  NATURAL BRIDGE P6149589   The Park is being operated by volunteers this weekend P6149590   We hike down toward the downstream side of the bridge P6149591
P6149592 P6149594 P6149595   Descending steeply into an ecologically rich shaded pocket P6149596
P6149597   Pine Creek on the downstream side P6149598 P6149599 P6149601   The footbridge leads to the tunnel on the downstream side
P6149602 P6149603 P6149604 P6149606
P6149607 P6149610   A morning glory P6149612   Under the Natural Bridge P6149614   Though the tunnel looks easily passable, it is highly uneven and slick inside
P6149615   Water dripping from the Bridge P6149617 P6149618 P6149620
P6149621 P6149624 P6149625   Carol and I decide to pass through the tunnel P6149626   A columbine
P6149628 P6149629 P6149631 P6149632
P6149633 P6149634 P6149635 P6149637
P6149639 P6149640 P6149642 P6149643
P6149644 P6149646 P6149647   Made it through! Slipping on travertime all the way P6149649   Looking through from the upstream side
P6149650 P6149662 P6149663 P6149665
P6149666 P6149667   The rest of the party had to climb back up on the downstream side, then come back down on the upstream side to join us P6149668 P6149669
P6149672 P6149673 P6149674 P6149675   Shady side caves off the main trail
P6149676 P6149677 P6149678 P6149680
P6149682 P6149683 P6149684 P6149685
P6149686 P6149687 P6149688 P6149689
P6149691   Lunch at the top P6149692 P6149693   Now we hike down the short Little Waterfall trail P6149696
P6149697 P6149698 P6149699   This leads to a Hawaii-like grotto formed by dripping water P6149700
P6149701 P6149702 P6149703 P6149704
P6149705 P6149707   A desert centipede, about 8" long P6149708 P6149709   The steps back out
P6149710   Returning from Tonto, we stop at the Strawberry-Pine Days village festival P6149711 P6149712 P6149713
P6149714 P6149715 P6149716 P6149717   Today, this is where food is served - but there has already been a run on strawberry
P6149718 P6149719   The rug merchant P6149720   Country-western music P6149721
P6149722 P6149723 P6149724 P6149726   One of the town's good diners
P6149727 P6149728 P6149729 P6149730
P6149731 P6149732