Twin Buttes Battlement Mesa Dec 09

A mesa behind the Broken Arrow-Chicken Point trail near the Broken Arrow side
PC293800   TWIN BUTTES/BATTLEMENT MESA PC293801   Starting from the Broken Arrow trailhead PC293802   Battlement Mesa is our first goal. This is the north side... PC293804   ...While our plan is to climb from the east. This takes us along the public trail first.
PC293805   The side trail up Battlement starts at this pile of huge rocks PC293806   It gets snowier as we climb PC293807   It also gets steeper PC293808
PC293809 PC293810 PC293811 PC293812
PC293814 PC293815 PC293816   The best route is up a wash filled with fallen boulders PC293817   Lookiong east over Submarine Rock
PC293818 PC293819 PC293820   A half-dead shagbark juniper is all that holds this boulder up PC293821
PC293822   On top of Battlement PC293823 PC293824 PC293825
PC293826 PC293828   Hikers on the public trail far below PC293829 PC293830
PC293831 PC293832 PC293833 PC293834
PC293835 PC293836 PC293837 PC293839
PC293840 PC293841   Frozen water seeps on the side of the mesa PC293842 PC293843
PC293845   Houses to our north PC293846 PC293849   Small scour ponds have formed along this crack PC293850   ...Which leads to one of the now-frozen water seeps
PC293851 PC293852 PC293854 PC293855
PC293858   Standing on top of Battlement PC293859 PC293860   The Sedona Cemetery PC293862   Looking across Uptown
PC293864 PC293865 PC293866 PC293867
PC293868 PC293870   Home of our former Trail Boss PC293871 PC293872
PC293874   Ledge walking from Battlement Mesa up to the Twin Buttes PC293875   A luxuriant patch of moss PC293876 PC293877
PC293880 PC293881 PC293882 PC293883
PC293885 PC293886 PC293887 PC293888
PC293889 PC293890 PC293891   One last climb up the Buttes PC293892
PC293893 PC293894 PC293895 PC293898   We can now see down the front side to the Chapel
PC293900 PC293901 PC293902   Looking back at Battlement Mesa PC293903
PC293904 PC293906 PC293907   We now head across to Chicken Point PC293908
PC293909 PC293910 PC293911   Chicken Point, favority of tour groups PC293912
PC293914 PC293915 PC293916 PC293917
PC293919 PC293920 PC293921   On the way back by jeep road, we visit Submarine Rock PC293925
PC293925 1 PC293926 PC293927