Twin Pillars Jan 09

From the Turkey Tank trailhead on Verde Valley School Road in Village of Oak Creek
P1145796   TWIN PILLARS P1145797 P1145798   Frosty grass greets us at 9 am this winter morning P1145799
P1145800 P1145801   Cathedral Rock P1145802 P1145803
P1145804 P1145805   Thin sandstone layering in a wash P1145808 P1145809
P1145811 P1145812 P1145813   The Coffeepot P1145814
P1145815   "The Fort", with its battlement of Fort Apache limestone P1145816 P1145817 P1145818
P1145819 P1145820   We climb the hill approaching the Fort P1145821 P1145822
P1145823 P1145826   Getting close to The Fort P1145827   We pause for a snack P1145829
P1145830 P1145831   Climbin the lower part of the Fort P1145832 P1145833
P1145834 P1145837 P1145838 P1145839
P1145840 P1145842   This is the Fort Apache limestone layer... P1145843   slightly harder than the red sandstone, weathering out of it P1145844   This is as high as we're going to go today
P1145845   We start down P1145846 P1145847 P1145848
P1145849   A distant meadow P1145850 P1145852   The Twin Pillars, our original goal P1145853
P1145854 P1145855 P1145856 P1145857
P1145858 P1145859 P1145860 P1145861
P1145862 P1145863 P1145864 P1145865   This is the meadow we had seen from above
P1145866 P1145867 P1145868   Stopping for lunch P1145869
P1145870 P1145872 P1145873 P1145874
P1145875 P1145876