Veit Spring Sep 09

On the Snow Bowl access road off Hwy 180
P9241528   VEIT SPRINGS P9241530   Information about the Lamar Haines wilderness area P9241531 P9241532
P9241533 P9241534 P9241535   This clearing fis or a power line P9241536
P9241537 P9241538 P9241539 P9241540
P9241541 P9241542 P9241543 P9241544
P9241545 P9241546 P9241547 P9241548
P9241549 P9241550 P9241551   Petroglyphs mark an old Sinagua site P9241552
P9241554 P9241555 P9241556 P9241557
P9241558 P9241559 P9241560 P9241562   The storehouse of pioneer Ludwig Veit
P9241564 P9241565 P9241566 P9241567
P9241569 P9241571 P9241572   We break for lunch at Veit's cabin P9241573
P9241574 P9241575 P9241576 P9241577
P9241578   We don't know what caused these healthy-looking aspens to fall P9241579 P9241580 P9241581   Was it a windstorm?
P9241582 P9241583