West Clear Creek Oct 09

Off FR 618 near Rimrock
PA131832   WEST CLEAR CREEK PA131833   A large wasp at the beginning of the trail PA131834 PA131835
PA131836   Lush riparian growth on the creek. PA131837 PA131838 PA131839
PA131840 PA131841 PA131842 PA131843   The cowboy s' cabin, built of river rock
PA131844 PA131845 PA131846 PA131847
PA131848 PA131849 PA131850   We break for our snack at the first pool on the creek PA131851
PA131852 PA131853 PA131854 PA131855
PA131856 PA131857 PA131858 PA131860
PA131861 PA131862 PA131863 PA131864   When the trail ends on the north side, we must cross
PA131866 PA131868 PA131869 PA131870
PA131871 PA131872 PA131874 PA131875   It always takes longer to put boots back on than to take them off
PA131876 PA131877 PA131878 PA131879
PA131880 PA131881 PA131882 PA131883
PA131884 PA131885 PA131887   Our second crossing PA131888
PA131889 PA131890 PA131892   Time for lunch PA131893
PA131894   a huge swimming hole at the lunch spot PA131896 PA131897 PA131898
PA131899 PA131900   The red stuff is a plant PA131901 PA131902
PA131904 PA131905 PA131906 PA131907
PA131908 PA131909 PA131910 PA131911   We make our way back
PA131912 PA131913 PA131914 PA131916
PA131917 PA131918 PA131919 PA131920
PA131921 PA131922 PA131924   Ranch irrigation pipe from long ago PA131925   We don't know whose these are either
PA131927 PA131928 PA131929 PA131930
PA131931 PA131932 PA131933