West Fork Fall Color Oct 09

Spectacular fall color in this narrow side canyon on Oak Creek Canyon
PA151936   WEST FORK FALL COLOR PA151937   The parking area is full this time becaise this is the best place to see fall color PA151938   Crossing the old ranch property leading up the canyon, we pass a plein air artist PA151939
PA151940 PA151941   The Arizona maple turns red after frost PA151942 PA151943
PA151944 PA151945 PA151947 PA151949   Swimming hole of the stars
PA151950 PA151951 PA151952 PA151953
PA151954 PA151955 PA151956 PA151957
PA151958 PA151959 PA151960 PA151961
PA151962 PA151963 PA151964 PA151965
PA151966 PA151967 PA151968 PA151969
PA151970 PA151971 PA151972 PA151973
PA151974 PA151975 PA151976 PA151977
PA151978 PA151979 PA151980 PA151981
PA151984   Our traditional break rock. The swimming hole makes this a popular picnic spot. PA151985 PA151987 PA151989
PA151990 PA151992   A tarantula shares the moment with us PA151993 PA151995
PA151996 PA151997   After break, we cross the Fork mant more times, heading deeper into the canyon PA151998 PA151999
PA152000 PA152001 PA152002 PA152003
PA152004 PA152005 PA152007 PA152008
PA152009 PA152011 PA152012 PA152013
PA152015 PA152016 PA152017 PA152018
PA152019 PA152020 PA152021 PA152023
PA152024 PA152025 PA152026 PA152027
PA152028 PA152029 PA152030 PA152032
PA152033 PA152034 PA152035 PA152036
PA152037 PA152038 PA152039 PA152040
PA152041 PA152042 PA152043 PA152045
PA152046 PA152047 PA152048 PA152050   We reach 'Lunch Ledge', where we generally stop to eat
PA152051 PA152052 PA152053   We ecounter many familites with kids and dogs today PA152054
PA152055 PA152057 PA152058 PA152059
PA152060 PA152061 PA152062 PA152063
PA152065 PA152066 PA152067 PA152068
PA152069 PA152071 PA152072 PA152073
PA152074 PA152076 PA152077 PA152078
PA152079 PA152080 PA152081 PA152082
PA152083 PA152085 PA152086 PA152087
PA152088 PA152089 PA152090 PA152091
PA152092   Oops! - This is a notoriously slippery spot PA152094   This fall results in a dislocated shoulder PA152095   We jury-rig some support so she can walk out PA152096
PA152097 PA152098 PA152099 PA152100
PA152101 PA152102 PA152103 PA152104