Wet Beaver Creek Mar 09

Off FR 618 between I-17 and Hwy 260`
P3057244   WET BEAVER CREEK P3057245   We start from the Hwy 179 trailhead east of I-17 P3057246 P3057247   Harry reties a shoe
P3057248   The first stirrings of spring! P3057249 P3057250 P3057252
P3057253 P3057254   Sinagua petroglyphs P3057255 P3057256   Snack break: this fruit tree is probably not native
P3057258   ...But who cares, because it's the first to flower P3057259 P3057260   The creek is high with spring melt from Flagstaff P3057261
P3057262 P3057263   Dennis entertains one of our new guests P3057264 P3057265
P3057266 P3057268 P3057269 P3057270
P3057271   Weather is coming, but today it's still distant P3057272 P3057274 P3057275   This little side trail leads to a SInagua ruin
P3057276   A collapsed wall P3057277 P3057278   One small piece of standing wall P3057279
P3057280 P3057281 P3057282 P3057283   At this junction, trails fork to the weir and to the swimming hole
P3057284   We take the weir path P3057285 P3057286 P3057287
P3057289 P3057290   We find a lunch spot by the gauge station P3057291 P3057292   The old ranch dam, now abandoned
P3057293   The gauging station monitors the water level, continually transmitting P3057294 P3057296 P3057298
P3057299   The station is solar powered P3057300 P3057301 P3057302
P3057303 P3057304 P3057305 P3057306
P3057308 P3057309 P3057310   This zipline allows engineers to check water depths across the creek P3057312
P3057313 P3057314 P3057315 P3057316
P3057317 P3057318 P3057320 P3057321
P3057322 P3057323 P3057324 P3057325   Moving out...
P3057326 P3057328 P3057329 P3057330   We take this side trail toward the boys' school
P3057331   A spring meadow P3057332 P3057333   We pause for another view of the creek near the school P3057334
P3057335 P3057336 P3057338 P3057339   Back to the main trail