Woods Canyon Feb 09

From the Village of Oak Creek Visiotor Center trailhead
P2176278   WOODS CANYON P2176279   Andy Beeler leads: checking the map P2176280   We start from the new VOC Ranger Station P2176281   The worst spot is at the neginning: an unbridged ditch
P2176282 P2176283 P2176284   Woods Canyon runs behind Horse Mesa P2176285
P2176286 P2176287 P2176288 P2176289
P2176292   Entering the Canyon P2176294 P2176295 P2176296
P2176297 P2176298 P2176299   Our first water break P2176301   A frog silently hugs the rock face beside the trail
P2176302 P2176303 P2176304 P2176305
P2176306   Moving on... P2176307 P2176308 P2176309
P2176310 P2176311   The Hot Loop trail forks here, heading up onto the mesa P2176313 P2176314
P2176315   Dry Beaver Creek is now swollen with last night's rain, plus snowmelt P2176317 P2176318 P2176319
P2176320 P2176321 P2176322 P2176324
P2176325 P2176326 P2176327 P2176328
P2176329 P2176330 P2176331 P2176333
P2176334 P2176335 P2176337 P2176339   The flow from Rattlesnake Canyon, also normally dry, joins Dry Beaver
P2176340   This is our break spot P2176341 P2176342 P2176343
P2176344 P2176345 P2176346 P2176347
P2176348 P2176349 P2176350 P2176351
P2176352 P2176353 P2176354 P2176355
P2176356 P2176357 P2176358 P2176359
P2176360 P2176362 P2176363 P2176364
P2176365 P2176366 P2176367 P2176368
P2176369 P2176370 P2176371 P2176372
P2176373 P2176374   We find our lunch spot P2176375 P2176376
P2176377 P2176378 P2176379 P2176380
P2176381 P2176382 P2176383 P2176384
P2176386   Starting back... P2176387 P2176388 P2176389
P2176390 P2176391 P2176393 P2176394
P2176395 P2176396 P2176398 P2176400
P2176401 P2176402 P2176403   Almost at trail's end, we find this shell-embedded boulder