Aerie Trail Nov 10

This new trail starts at the Fay Canyon trailhead
PB164983   AERIE TRAIL PB164984 PB164985 PB164986
PB164987 PB164988 PB164989 PB164991
PB164992 PB164993 PB164994 PB164997
PB164998 PB165000 PB165001 PB165002
PB165003   Intersection with the Doe Mountain trail. We started up Doe Mountain. PB165005 PB165006 PB165007
PB165008 PB165010 PB165011 PB165012
PB165014 PB165015 PB165016 PB165017
PB165019 PB165020 PB165021 PB165023
PB165024   Climbing Doe Mountain PB165025 PB165026 PB165028
PB165029 PB165030 PB165031   On top of the flat-topped mountain PB165032
PB165033 PB165034 PB165036   On the Aerie side, a large new house under construction PB165038   The "volcano", another butte nearby
PB165040 PB165042 PB165043 PB165044
PB165047 PB165048 PB165050 PB165051
PB165052 PB165053 PB165055 PB165057
PB165058 PB165059 PB165060 PB165061
PB165062 PB165063 PB165064 PB165065   A hedgehog cactus
PB165066 PB165067 PB165068 PB165069
PB165071 PB165072