Around Cathedral Apr 10

Starting at the Baldwin trailhead, up Oak Creek
P4205937   AROUND CATHEDRAL P4205938 P4205939 P4205940
P4205941 P4205942   From the public trail we tun right through the gate, then up Napoleon's Tomb P4205943 P4205944
P4205946 P4205947 P4205948 P4205949
P4205950   The Tomb is in sight P4205951 P4205952 P4205953
P4205954   The upper part gets steep P4205955 P4205956 P4205958
P4205959 P4205960 P4205961 P4205962
P4205963 P4205964 P4205967 P4205968
P4205969 P4205970 P4205971 P4205972
P4205974   Break time under the Tomb as we watch others climb the peak beside us P4205975 P4205976 P4205977
P4205978 P4205979 P4205981 P4205982
P4205983 P4205984 P4205987 P4205988
P4205989 P4205990   We make our way down from the Tomb, past ocotillo P4205991 P4205992
P4205994 P4205995 P4205996 P4205997
P4205998 P4205999 P4206000 P4206001
P4206002 P4206003 P4206004 P4206005
P4206006 P4206007   Crossing the wash toward Cathedral P4206008 P4206009
P4206010 P4206011   An agave in bloom P4206012 P4206013
P4206014   An interesting lunch spot on the back side of Cathedral P4206015 P4206016 P4206017
P4206018 P4206019 P4206020 P4206021
P4206022 P4206023 P4206024 P4206025   We walk up the pouroff to the front side of Cathedral
P4206026 P4206027 P4206028 P4206029
P4206030 P4206031 P4206033 P4206034
P4206035 P4206036 P4206037 P4206038
P4206039 P4206040 P4206041 P4206042
P4206043 P4206044 P4206045 P4206046
P4206047 P4206048 P4206051   Now we're high on the front side P4206052
P4206053 P4206054 P4206056 P4206058
P4206059 P4206060 P4206061 P4206062
P4206063 P4206064 P4206066 P4206067
P4206068   Descending back into the Oak Creek floodplain to return P4206069 P4206070 P4206071
P4206072 P4206073 P4206074 P4206075
P4206076 P4206077