Around Cathedral Rock Jan 10

Starting at the end of Verde Valley School Road, circumnavigating Cathedral counterclockwise
P1074027   AROUND CATHEDRAL ROCK P1074028 P1074029   After starting north on the Baldwin Trail, we fork right up the bluff P1074030
P1074031   No, this is npt how we go up. We head right from here. P1074032 P1074034 P1074035
P1074036 P1074037   On top of the bluff overlooking Oak Creek P1074038 P1074039
P1074040 P1074044   Napoleon's Tomb P1074045 P1074046   The Fort Apache Membr forms the cap rock
P1074047 P1074048 P1074049   Next to the Tomb ther is a smaller rock that invites climbing P1074050   This rock is a great vantage point over Verde Valley School Road
P1074051   Break time at the Tomb P1074052 P1074053   Looking actoss Oak Creek toward Mingus Mountain P1074054
P1074055   We edge around the Tomb to the east side P1074056 P1074057 P1074059
P1074060   Verde Valley School and CR Ranch P1074061 P1074063 P1074064   Elk scat
P1074065   Making our way down the east side of the Tomb complex P1074066 P1074067 P1074068
P1074069 P1074070 P1074071 P1074072   Deer and coyote tracks
P1074073 P1074074   The wash marking the srart of the upslope to the Cathedral P1074075   South side of Cathedral P1074076
P1074077   Bikers built this section of the trail P1074078 P1074079 P1074081   On the Cathedral
P1074082 P1074083 P1074084 P1074085
P1074087 P1074088 P1074089   Deer tracks P1074090
P1074091 P1074092   Working our way around to the north side of Cathedral P1074094   The Fort Apache is visible again just above our level P1074095   Walking steep ledges
P1074097   We climb up past the Fort Apache... P1074098 P1074099 P1074100   ...Which requires one steep pitch
P1074101 P1074105   Made it! P1074106 P1074107
P1074108 P1074109 P1074110 P1074112
P1074113 P1074114   Intruding magma once pushed up under Cathedral, splitting it in two at this point... P1074115 P1074116
P1074117 P1074118 P1074120   ...opening a 3-foot crack under our feet, through which magma squuezed like toothpaste. In honor of this, we eat lunch. P1074121
P1074122 P1074123 P1074124 P1074126
P1074127   The intrusion dike today P1074128 P1074129 P1074130
P1074131   The softer sandstone weathers faster than the intrusive basalt P1074132 P1074133 P1074134
P1074135 P1074136 P1074137 P1074138
P1074139 P1074140 P1074141 P1074142   We work our way down through the narrow slot eroded at the dike
P1074144 P1074145 P1074147 P1074148
P1074149 P1074150 P1074152 P1074153
P1074154 P1074155 P1074156   Back on the Templeton Trail, we continue west P1074157
P1074159   At Oak Creek, we turn south P1074160 P1074161   Riparian forest at the Creek P1074162
P1074165   Rock art at one spectacular place high on the Cathedral bank P1074167 P1074169 P1074170   A calendar spiral
P1074172 P1074173 P1074174 P1074175
P1074176   Meanwhile, on the Oak Creek bank P1074177 P1074179 P1074180
P1074181 P1074182 P1074183