Baby Bell Aug 10

Starting from the North Bell parking area
P8267536   BABY BELL P8267537 P8267538   The Bell Rock Pathway P8267539
P8267540 P8267541 P8267542 P8267543
P8267544 P8267545   The Baby Bell turnoff P8267547 P8267548
P8267550 P8267552   Helping each other  up the steep place P8267553 P8267554
P8267555 P8267556 P8267558 P8267559
P8267560   But the view from the top is well worth the effort P8267561 P8267562 P8267563
P8267564 P8267565   A tiny visitor, newly hatched P8267567 P8267569
P8267571   Happy Birthday, Jim! P8267572 P8267573 P8267574
P8267575 P8267576 P8267577 P8267578   Heading back
P8267579 P8267580 P8267581 P8267582
P8267583 P8267584 P8267585