Bandit Trail Dec 10

Airport Loop from the Wesleyan Church on Brewer
PC215885   BANDIT TRAIL PC215887 PC215890   The pioneer water tank, oldest in Sedona PC215893
PC215895 PC215896 PC215897 PC215898
PC215899   A dark day, threatening rain PC215900 PC215901 PC215902
PC215903 PC215904 PC215905 PC215906
PC215908 PC215909 PC215910 PC215911
PC215912 PC215913   Courthouse and Bell Rock PC215914 PC215915
PC215917 PC215918 PC215919 PC215920
PC215921 PC215922 PC215924 PC215926
PC215928 PC215929 PC215930 PC215931
PC215932 PC215934 PC215935 PC215936
PC215937   Climbing the airport vortex spot PC215938 PC215939   On top of the vortex spot, the first raindrops PC215941
PC215942 PC215943 PC215944