Bike - Bean Trail Feb 10

A new trail from Village of Oak Creek to the Templeton, origianlly built by cyclists
P2094484   BIKE & BEAN TRAIL P2094485   This trail was built informally by mountain bikers who gather here P2094486   The starting point is off SR179 north of Bell Rock Blvd. P2094487
P2094488 P2094489 P2094490 P2094491   The Seven Sisters dominate the area
P2094492   Looking back at Bell Rock P2094493   Snow on Wilson Mountain P2094494 P2094495
P2094497 P2094502 P2094503   The Red Rock Chapel P2094505
P2094506 P2094507   There has been lots of rain already this week P2094508 P2094509
P2094510 P2094511 P2094512 P2094513
P2094515 P2094516 P2094517   Our break spot P2094518
P2094519 P2094520 P2094521 P2094522
P2094523 P2094524 P2094525 P2094526
P2094527 P2094528 P2094529   We meet the public Templeton Trail, then start back, heading off west onto a social trail forming a loop P2094530
P2094531 P2094532 P2094533 P2094534
P2094536 P2094537 P2094538 P2094539
P2094540   Approching the Seven Sisters, large rocks fallen from the hllls P2094541   Our lunch spot P2094542 P2094543
P2094544 P2094545 P2094546 P2094548   More weather is moving in from the Pacific
P2094549 P2094550 P2094551 P2094552
P2094553 P2094555 P2094556   Bobcat scat? P2094557
P2094558   Returning to the Village P2094559 P2094561   The trail ends at the Red Agave Adventure Resort P2094562