Bismarck Lake Sep 10

Starting at the trailhead on Hwy 180 near the 8000'summit
P9027587   BISMARCK LAKE P9027588 P9027590 P9027591
P9027592 P9027593 P9027595 P9027596
P9027597 P9027598 P9027599   Little Spring P9027601
P9027602 P9027603 P9027604 P9027606
P9027608   Approaching 9000', we encounter ferns P9027610 P9027611 P9027612
P9027613 P9027614 P9027615 P9027616
P9027617 P9027618 P9027619 P9027620
P9027621 P9027622   We emerge into the high meadow leading to the lake P9027623 P9027625
P9027626   Bismarck Lake P9027627 P9027628 P9027630
P9027631   The LAke is a favored watering hole for elk P9027632 P9027633   A good spot for lunch P9027634
P9027635 P9027636 P9027639 P9027640
P9027641 P9027642 P9027644 P9027645
P9027646 P9027648   Heading back P9027649 P9027650