Brins Ridge Feb 10

Starting at the Jordan Road parking area
P2184651   BRINS RIDGE P2184652 P2184653   We climb the public trauil to the top of Brins MEsa P2184655
P2184656 P2184657 P2184658 P2184659
P2184661   To the right is our destimation, Brins Ridge P2184663   Snack break as we reach the mesa P2184664 P2184665
P2184666 P2184667   Brins Ridge P2184668 P2184669
P2184670 P2184671   We reach the burn area P2184673 P2184674
P2184675   Climbing the Ridge P2184676 P2184677   On top of the Ridge P2184678   Looking across to Soldier Pass
P2184679 P2184680   Great views of West Sedona P2184681 P2184683
P2184684 P2184685 P2184687 P2184688
P2184689   Brins Mesa, showing the burn area P2184690 P2184691 P2184692
P2184693 P2184694 P2184696 P2184698
P2184699   We reach the end of the ridge - lunch! P2184700 P2184701 P2184702
P2184703 P2184704 P2184705 P2184706   Just across from us is the Sphinx...
P2184707   ...where we see the Scouts are hiking today P2184709 P2184710 P2184713
P2184714 P2184716 P2184717 P2184718
P2184719 P2184720 P2184721   After lunch, we press on into Soldier Pass P2184722
P2184723 P2184724 P2184725 P2184726
P2184727 P2184728 P2184729 P2184731
P2184732   A distant view of Bell Rock P2184733 P2184734 P2184735
P2184736 P2184737 P2184738 P2184739
P2184740 P2184741 P2184742 P2184743
P2184744 P2184745 P2184746 P2184747   Back in the burn area on the mesa, we work our way around the end of the Ridge
P2184748 P2184749 P2184750 P2184753
P2184755 P2184756 P2184757   At the edge of the mesa, hugs blocks are splitting off, soon to fall into Soldier Pass P2184758
P2184759 P2184762 P2184763   We climb down a steep wash into Soldier Pass P2184764
P2184765 P2184766   We are now passing underneath the former set of teetering blocks P2184767 P2184768   The first small cave
P2184769 P2184770 P2184771 P2184772
P2184773 P2184774 P2184775 P2184776
P2184777   We reach the great arch P2184778 P2184779 P2184780
P2184781 P2184783 P2184784 P2184785
P2184786 P2184787 P2184791 P2184792
P2184793 P2184794 P2184795 P2184796
P2184797 P2184798   A recently calved set of block at the edge of the trail P2184799   We are now at the mouth of the canyon, near the Soldier Pass trailhead. We cut back to our starting point. P2184801
P2184802   AT Devil's Kitchen, the Grand Piano P2184803 P2184804 P2184805
P2184806   The Sphinx and Brins Ridge, from below P2184807 P2184808 P2184809