Cathedral to Baldwin Trail Apr 10

From the Back "O Beyond trailhead
P4085653   CATHEDRAL AND BALDWIN TRAIL P4085654 P4085655 P4085656   Crossing the front of Cathedral Rock
P4085657 P4085658 P4085660 P4085661
P4085662 P4085663   We descend into the basin of Oak Creek P4085664 P4085665
P4085666 P4085667 P4085668   A break beside the creek P4085671
P4085672 P4085673   The trunoff for the trail around Cathedral P4085674 P4085675
P4085676   The creek is still too high for walking out onto the "view rocks"in the middle P4085677 P4085678 P4085679   We find a lunch spot
P4085680 P4085681 P4085682 P4085683
P4085684 P4085685 P4085686   Heading back the same way we came P4085687
P4085688 P4085689 P4085690 P4085691
P4085692   Across the way, Buddha Beach, where people pile up stones for luck P4085693 P4085694 P4085695
P4085696 P4085697 P4085698 P4085699
P4085700 P4085701