Girdner Trail Jan 10

From the Sedona Cultural Center
P1144239   GIRDNER TRAIL P1144240   A cold, breezy winter day P1144241   The Coxcomb P1144242
P1144243   Thunder Mountain P1144244 P1144245   Some manzanitas look as though they were polished P1144246
P1144247   We work our way down into Dry Creek P1144248 P1144249   The route of a gas pipeline P1144250
P1144251 P1144252   These boulders fell from the bluff above us P1144253   Our lunch spot P1144254
P1144256 P1144257 P1144258 P1144259
P1144260 P1144261 P1144262 P1144263   This is the point on the Girdner before the climb out to Dry Creek Road
P1144264 P1144265 P1144266 P1144267
P1144268   We start back P1144269 P1144270   Where did these cracks come from? P1144271
P1144272 P1144273 P1144274   The ancient Oldsmobile, only remnant of the former city dump here