Grand Falls Apr 10

This temporary falls on the upper Little Colorado east of Flagstaff, is on the southwest corner of the Navajo Nation
P4145703   GRAND FALLS P4145704 P4145705   Sometimes called Chocolate Falls, it runs fudgy with mud every spring P4145706
P4145707 P4145708 P4145711 P4145712
P4145713 P4145714 P4145715 P4145716
P4145718 P4145720 P4145721 P4145722
P4145723 P4145724 P4145726 P4145727
P4145729 P4145730 P4145731 P4145732   Woody ebris floats in this eddy at the base of the falls
P4145733 P4145735 P4145737 P4145738
P4145739 P4145740 P4145741 P4145742
P4145745 P4145746 P4145750 P4145751
P4145752 P4145753 P4145754 P4145758
P4145759 P4145760 P4145762 P4145763
P4145764 P4145766 P4145768 P4145770
P4145771 P4145772 P4145773 P4145774
P4145775 P4145776 P4145777