Kachina Trail Sep 10

Starting at the 8200' level on Mt Humphrey
P9160511   KACHINA TRAIL P9160514 P9160515 P9160517
P9160518   This trail is normally a loop, but the Schultz Tank end is closed due to a recent fire P9160519   There is a bear in the woods P9160520 P9160521   We're in the aspen and bracken zone the whole way
P9160523 P9160524 P9160525 P9160526
P9160527 P9160528 P9160529 P9160530
P9160531 P9160532 P9160533 P9160534
P9160535 P9160536 P9160537 P9160538
P9160539 P9160540   Our first mushroom P9160541 P9160542
P9160543 P9160544 P9160545 P9160546
P9160548 P9160549 P9160550 P9160552
P9160553 P9160554 P9160555 P9160556
P9160557 P9160558 P9160560 P9160561
P9160562 P9160563 P9160564 P9160565
P9160566 P9160567 P9160569 P9160570
P9160572 P9160575 P9160578 P9160579
P9160581 P9160585 P9160586 P9160587
P9160588 P9160589 P9160590 P9160591
P9160593 P9160594 P9160595 P9160596
P9160597 P9160598 P9160599 P9160600
P9160602 P9160603 P9160606 P9160607   Looking down on the NAU campus
P9160608 P9160609 P9160610 P9160612
P9160613 P9160614 P9160616   A good lunch spot. Because of the fire closure, we will turn back at this point. P9160619
P9160620 P9160621 P9160623 P9160624
P9160625   A bristlecone pine P9160627 P9160628 P9160631
P9160632 P9160633 P9160635 P9160638
P9160639 P9160641 P9160642 P9160643
P9160645   What bird did we hear? P9160646 P9160647 P9160649
P9160650 P9160654 P9160657 P9160658
P9160659 P9160660 P9160663 P9160664
P9160665 P9160666 P9160668 P9160669
P9160670 P9160673 P9160674 P9160675
P9160676 P9160677 P9160678 P9160681
P9160683 P9160684 P9160685