Lizard Head Sugarloaf Chimney Jan 10

P1053929   LIZARD HEAD, CHIMNEY, LITTLE SUGARLOAF P1053930   From the parking area, we see our last objective: Chimney Rock with the last quarter moon P1053931   Crossing the saddle ro Capiyol BUtte P1053932
P1053933 P1053934 P1053936 P1053937   A break stop on top of Little Sugarloaf, and great views
P1053939   We can now see our second destination, Lizard Head P1053941 P1053942 P1053943
P1053944 P1053945 P1053946 P1053948
P1053949   Back dow to the saddle... P1053950   ...then across to the Capitol Buttle side P1053951 P1053952   There's still snow on Mingus Mountain
P1053953   Our last view of Lizard Head before rounding the bend P1053954   This time, the main trail hugs the cliff high up P1053955 P1053956
P1053957 P1053958 P1053959   This dead tree is our landmark for the fork upwards P1053960
P1053961   Balance Rock P1053962 P1053963   Looking across toward the Enchantment Resort P1053964
P1053965 P1053967 P1053968   The Enchantment again, closer up P1053969
P1053970   Hugging the wall P1053971   The steepest spot on the way up to Lizard Head P1053973 P1053975
P1053976   On top! We stop for lunch P1053977 P1053978 P1053980
P1053981 P1053982   Looking back at Little Sugarloaf P1053983 P1053984
P1053985 P1053986   Chimney Rock to the right P1053988 P1053989   Looking across to Capitol Butte
P1053991   A side trip up the Butte P1053992   Looking down on the Head, with the rest of our party P1053993 P1053994   This puts us right at the head of the canyon we climbed to get up here
P1053996 P1053997 P1053998 P1053999
P1054000 P1054001   Working our way back down P1054002 P1054004
P1054005 P1054007 P1054008 P1054009
P1054010 P1054011 P1054012 P1054013
P1054014 P1054015 P1054016 P1054017
P1054018 P1054019 P1054020 P1054021
P1054022 P1054023 P1054024 P1054025