Long Canyon Mar 10

P3235344   LONG CANYON P3235345   A cloudy day, threatening rain. This is Rachel's Knoll. P3235346 P3235347
P3235348   We turn off the public trail early in the hike P3235349 P3235350 P3235351
P3235352   Sighted: the first ground flower of spring! P3235353 P3235354   We follow a series of ledges and overhangs along the side of the canyon P3235355
P3235356 P3235357 P3235358 P3235359   Breal time!
P3235361 P3235362 P3235363 P3235364
P3235365   A Sinagua metate in the corner beside the wall P3235366 P3235367 P3235368
P3235369   A narrow side canyon P3235370 P3235371 P3235372   The large manzanita species
P3235373 P3235374 P3235375 P3235376
P3235379 P3235380 P3235381 P3235382
P3235383 P3235384 P3235385 P3235386
P3235387 P3235388 P3235389 P3235391
P3235392 P3235393   Manzanitas showing ropy trunk growth P3235394 P3235395
P3235396 P3235397 P3235399 P3235400
P3235401 P3235402 P3235403 P3235405   Bootlegger artifacts in this area include barrel hoops and cans
P3235407 P3235408 P3235409 P3235410
P3235411 P3235412 P3235413 P3235414   Old bootheels and a tin can
P3235416   Cross-bedding P3235417 P3235419 P3235420
P3235421 P3235422 P3235423 P3235424
P3235425 P3235426 P3235427 P3235428
P3235429 P3235430 P3235431 P3235432
P3235433 P3235434 P3235436   Time for lunch P3235437
P3235438 P3235440 P3235442 P3235443
P3235444 P3235445 P3235447 P3235448
P3235449 P3235450 P3235452   Tom finds an old horseshoe P3235453   An alligator juniper thicket
P3235454 P3235455 P3235456 P3235458   Silhouetted at the top of the cliff: the Honey Bear formation
P3235459 P3235460 P3235462