Mt Humphreys Sep 10

A climb toward Arizona's highest point, starting from the Snow Bowl ski area base
P9250888   MT HUMPHREYS P9250889 P9250890 P9250891   The lodge is open for summer lift-riders
P9250892 P9250893   We work our way left from the ski lodge P9250895   ...For the start of the Weatherford Trail to the Saddle P9250896   Crossing another ski trail and lift
P9250897 P9250898 P9250899 P9250900
P9250902 P9250903 P9250906 P9250907
P9250909 P9250910 P9250911 P9250913
P9250914 P9250915 P9250916 P9250921
P9250923   Our snack stop on a large boulder field P9250924   We're already getting views P9250925 P9250926
P9250927 P9250928 P9250929 P9250930
P9250931 P9250932 P9250933 P9250936
P9250937 P9250938   Emerging above the treeline P9250940   Looking toward Flagstaff P9250942   On the saddle
P9250943 P9250944   Toward Humphreys Peak P9250945 P9250946   Another visitor with his dog
P9250947 P9250948   The view to the north P9250949 P9250953
P9250954 P9250955 P9250956 P9250957
P9250958 P9250959 P9250960   The Saddle was a much-visited place P9250961
P9250963 P9250964 P9250965 P9250967
P9250968 P9250969 P9250970 P9250971   Our lunch stop
P9250973 P9250974 P9250976 P9250977
P9250979 P9250980   Heading back P9250981 P9250982
P9250983 P9250984 P9250985 P9250986
P9250987 P9250988 P9250989 P9250990
P9250991 P9250992 P9250993 P9250995
P9250996 P9250998 P9250999 P9251000
P9251001 P9251002 P9251003 P9251005
P9251007 P9251008 P9251010 P9251011
P9251012 P9251013 P9251014 P9251015
P9251018 P9251020 P9251022 P9251023
P9251024   Back at the ski area P9251025 P9251028 P9251029
P9251030   Monument to the lost bomber crew P9251031 P9251032   Lots of families on the lower Weatherford P9251033
P9251034 P9251035 P9251036 P9251039
P9251040 P9251042