Narrow Canyon Mar 10

Starting from the end of FR152
P3185212   NARROW CANYON LOOP P3185213 P3185215   The Narrow Canyon was is running today. This is the first of many water crossings. P3185216
P3185217 P3185218 P3185220 P3185221
P3185222 P3185223 P3185224 P3185225
P3185226 P3185227 P3185229 P3185231
P3185232 P3185233 P3185234 P3185236
P3185237 P3185238   For this crossing we can use a fallen tree P3185240 P3185241
P3185242 P3185243 P3185244 P3185246
P3185247 P3185248 P3185249 P3185250
P3185251   This waterfall, on a small fork off Narrow Canyon, runs only after rains P3185252 P3185253 P3185255
P3185256 P3185257 P3185258 P3185259
P3185260   Snack break P3185261 P3185262 P3185263
P3185264 P3185265 P3185266 P3185267
P3185268   We work our way up to the top of the falls P3185269 P3185271 P3185272
P3185273 P3185274 P3185275   From here we walk a long series of ledges toward Many Hands Cave P3185276
P3185277 P3185278 P3185279 P3185280
P3185281 P3185282 P3185283 P3185284
P3185285 P3185286 P3185287 P3185288
P3185289 P3185290 P3185292 P3185293
P3185294 P3185295 P3185296 P3185298
P3185299 P3185300 P3185301 P3185302
P3185303 P3185305 P3185306 P3185307   Lunch on the last ledge before the cave
P3185308 P3185309 P3185310 P3185311
P3185312 P3185313 P3185314 P3185315
P3185316 P3185317 P3185318 P3185319   An arch across from our trail
P3185320   Down into Manay Hands Cave P3185321 P3185322 P3185323
P3185324   The meaning of this style of rock art is unknown P3185325 P3185326 P3185327
P3185328 P3185329 P3185330 P3185331
P3185333 P3185334 P3185336   From the cave, a steep brushy wash leads back to the public trail P3185337
P3185338 P3185340 P3185341 P3185342