Ritter Butte Sep 10

Starting from the Oak CReek Canyon trailhead near Slide Rock.
This is a first test of the Olympus E-PL1.
P9090108   RITTER BUTTE P9090109 P9090110 P9090111   The trail ascends steeply up the wall of Oak Creek Canyon
P9090113   We are soon in ponderosa country P9090114 P9090115 P9090117   Slash ricked for burning
P9090118 P9090119 P9090121 P9090122
P9090123 P9090126 P9090127 P9090128
P9090129 P9090130 P9090131 P9090132
P9090133 P9090135 P9090136 P9090138
P9090139   These hitching posts are now in very rotted condition P9090140 P9090142 P9090143
P9090144 P9090145 P9090146 P9090147   Emerging on top
P9090148   This are is called Harding Spring, though no trace of the spring remains P9090149 P9090150 P9090153   Our snack stop
P9090154 P9090155 P9090156 P9090157
P9090158 P9090159 P9090160 P9090161
P9090162 P9090163 P9090164 P9090165
P9090168   We move on small social trails to Ritter Butte P9090169 P9090170 P9090172
P9090173 P9090174 P9090175 P9090176
P9090177 P9090179 P9090180 P9090181
P9090183   Perlina finds a feather, species unknown P9090184 P9090185 P9090187
P9090188 P9090189   The last climb up the butte P9090190 P9090191   Views at this point are amazing
P9090192   We look down on the Visa Point P9090193   Oak Creek Canyon P9090194 P9090196   A hedgehog cactus
P9090197 P9090200   San Francisco Peaks with Lowell Observatory P9090201 P9090202
P9090203 P9090206 P9090207 P9090208
P9090209 P9090210   From here we cut off-trail to the canyon view point P9090212 P9090213
P9090214 P9090215 P9090216 P9090217
P9090218 P9090219 P9090221 P9090222
P9090223 P9090224 P9090225 P9090227
P9090228 P9090229   Bracken! P9090230 P9090231
P9090233 P9090234 P9090235 P9090236
P9090237   Back at the canyon overlook P9090238 P9090239 P9090240
P9090242 P9090243 P9090244 P9090246   Back down the steep wall
P9090248 P9090251 P9090252 P9090253
P9090254 P9090256 P9090257