Sandys Canyon Sep 10

P9140349   SANDY'S CANYON P9140352   Startng out across the flat P9140354   The lava field at the top of the canyon P9140355
P9140356 P9140358 P9140359 P9140362   The steep climb down into the canyon
P9140363 P9140365 P9140366 P9140367
P9140368   On the flat once again P9140369 P9140370 P9140373
P9140375 P9140376 P9140377 P9140380
P9140382 P9140384 P9140385   MArker for the Arizona Trail P9140386
P9140387 P9140388 P9140389 P9140390
P9140391 P9140392 P9140394 P9140395
P9140396 P9140397 P9140398 P9140399
P9140401 P9140402 P9140403 P9140404
P9140405 P9140406   As the caves come into sight we divert to Fisher Point P9140408   Another party passes by P9140409
P9140410   Fisher Point is reached through  a narrow pass and a climb up another wall of the canyon P9140411 P9140412 P9140414
P9140416   What are these pods? P9140417 P9140418 P9140419
P9140420 P9140422 P9140423 P9140424
P9140425 P9140426 P9140427 P9140428
P9140429 P9140430   Fisher Point offers nice views toward Flagstaff P9140431 P9140433
P9140435 P9140436 P9140437 P9140439
P9140440 P9140441 P9140442 P9140443
P9140444 P9140445 P9140446 P9140448
P9140450 P9140451 P9140452 P9140453
P9140455 P9140456 P9140457 P9140458
P9140459 P9140460   Heading back into the canyon P9140462 P9140463
P9140464 P9140466 P9140467 P9140468   We take the other turnoff, to the caves
P9140470 P9140471 P9140472   The smaller cave P9140473
P9140474 P9140476   Looking uoward through a crack at the rear of the cave P9140477 P9140478
P9140479 P9140480   On to the second cave P9140481 P9140482
P9140483 P9140485 P9140486   The second cave, larger than the first P9140487
P9140488 P9140490 P9140495 P9140496
P9140497 P9140498 P9140499   Heading back P9140500
P9140503 P9140504 P9140505 P9140506
P9140507 P9140350 P9140353