Sedona Loop Part 3 Dec 10

Cultural Park to Red Rock Crossing
PC075448   SEDONA LOOP PART 3 PC075449   Our starting point at Cultural Park PC075450 PC075451   One of the Herkenham benches
PC075452 PC075454   Our first view of Courthouse Butte PC075455 PC075456
PC075457 PC075458 PC075461 PC075462   NOw there's an odd ocotillo
PC075464 PC075465 PC075466 PC075467
PC075469 PC075470 PC075471 PC075472
PC075474 PC075475 PC075476 PC075477
PC075478 PC075481 PC075484 PC075485
PC075486 PC075487   Nearing Oak Creek, views of Chavez Ranch/Carroll Canyon area PC075488 PC075491
PC075492 PC075494 PC075496 PC075497   Over the top, and we see Cathedral Rock
PC075498   Napoleon's Tomb PC075499 PC075501 PC075502
PC075503 PC075505 PC075506   Red Rock Crossing PC075507
PC075509 PC075510 PC075511 PC075512
PC075513 PC075516 PC075519 PC075523
PC075524 PC075525 PC075528 PC075530
PC075532 PC075534 PC075538 PC075546
PC075548 PC075549 PC075550 PC075552
PC075555 PC075557 PC075559 PC075561
PC075566 PC075567 PC075568 PC075569
PC075571 PC075578 PC075581 PC075582
PC075583 PC075586 PC075587 PC075589
PC075590 PC075592 PC075597 PC075599
PC075602 PC075604 PC075606