Sedona Loop Part 4 Dec 10

Red Rock Crossing to Broken Arrow
PC145780   SEDONA LOOP PART 4 PC145781   Our starting point: the Baldwin trailhead above OAk Creek PC145782   Toward Cathedtal Rock PC145784
PC145785 PC145786 PC145787   Buddha Beach PC145788
PC145790 PC145792 PC145793 PC145794   Up onto Cathedral Rock
PC145795 PC145796 PC145797 PC145798
PC145800 PC145801 PC145802 PC145804
PC145805 PC145806 PC145807 PC145809
PC145810 PC145811 PC145813   Meeting our key exchange partners, the half of the group who started at the other end PC145814
PC145815 PC145817   Crossing under SR179 PC145818 PC145819
PC145822 PC145823   Heading for Little Horse PC145824 PC145825
PC145826 PC145827 PC145829 PC145830
PC145831 PC145833 PC145835 PC145836   Up toward Chicken Point
PC145838 PC145839 PC145840   Lunch on Chicken Point PC145842
PC145843 PC145845 PC145846 PC145847
PC145849 PC145850 PC145851 PC145853
PC145855 PC145856 PC145858 PC145859
PC145860 PC145862 PC145863 PC145865
PC145866   Now for the final stretch to Broken Arrow PC145867 PC145868 PC145869
PC145870 PC145871 PC145873 PC145874