Sterling Pass Sep 10

P9301046   STERLING PASS P9301048   Starting at 89A midway up Oak Creek Canyon P9301049 P9301050
P9301051   The first section of the trail climbs steeply P9301052 P9301053 P9301054
P9301055   The Brins Mesa burn, 2006 P9301056 P9301057 P9301058
P9301059 P9301060 P9301061   Many fallen trees in this burned section P9301062
P9301063 P9301064 P9301065 P9301066
P9301067 P9301068 P9301070 P9301071
P9301074 P9301075 P9301076 P9301077
P9301078 P9301080 P9301081 P9301082
P9301083 P9301084 P9301085 P9301087
P9301089 P9301090 P9301093 P9301094
P9301095 P9301096 P9301097 P9301098
P9301099 P9301100 P9301101 P9301102
P9301103 P9301104 P9301105   A lookout window near the top of the pass P9301106
P9301108 P9301109 P9301110   The top of the pass P9301113
P9301115 P9301118 P9301119   The other side is in shade, and more lush P9301120
P9301123 P9301125 P9301126 P9301127
P9301128 P9301130 P9301131 P9301133
P9301134 P9301135 P9301136 P9301138   On the east side, huge outcroppings
P9301139 P9301142 P9301144 P9301145
P9301146 P9301147 P9301149 P9301150
P9301152 P9301154 P9301155 P9301156
P9301158 P9301159 P9301160 P9301162
P9301163 P9301165 P9301166 P9301167
P9301168 P9301169 P9301170 P9301171
P9301173 P9301175 P9301176 P9301177
P9301178 P9301179 P9301180   A good break spot, near the turnoff for Vultee Arch P9301182
P9301183 P9301185   The Vultee plaque P9301186 P9301187
P9301188 P9301190   Vultee Arch P9301191   A look back at the trail below P9301192
P9301193 P9301194 P9301195 P9301196
P9301198 P9301199 P9301201 P9301202   Starting back through the burned forest
P9301203 P9301204 P9301205 P9301207
P9301209 P9301210 P9301212 P9301213
P9301214 P9301215 P9301216 P9301217
P9301220 P9301222 P9301223 P9301224
P9301225 P9301226 P9301227 P9301228
P9301229 P9301230 P9301231 P9301233   Lunch on top of the pass
P9301234 P9301236 P9301238 P9301239
P9301240 P9301242 P9301243 P9301244
P9301245 P9301247 P9301248 P9301249
P9301250 P9301251 P9301252 P9301254
P9301255 P9301257 P9301259 P9301260
P9301263 P9301264 P9301265 P9301266
P9301267 P9301268 P9301269 P9301270
P9301271 P9301272 P9301273 P9301274
P9301275 P9301277 P9301279 P9301280