Stoneman Lake Aug 10

Off I-17 north of the Hwy 179 exit
P8177353   STONEMAN LAKE P8177354   With Cindi and Nancy and dogs P8177355   Nancy's dog Kelsi P8177357   Looking toward Rarick Canyon
P8177358 P8177359   Rough lava terrain with new growth from the rains P8177360   Into Rarick Canyon P8177361
P8177362 P8177363 P8177364 P8177365   The 'climb-through' tree
P8177366 P8177367 P8177368   Our first rock art P8177369   Here a herd of elk are driven to a place where they must turn back
P8177371 P8177372 P8177373 P8177374
P8177375 P8177376   This is the large calendar spiral that is the centerpiece of the area P8177377 P8177378
P8177379   Some glyphs seem much older than the others P8177380 P8177381 P8177382
P8177383 P8177384 P8177385 P8177386
P8177387 P8177388 P8177389 P8177390
P8177391 P8177392 P8177393 P8177394
P8177395 P8177396 P8177398 P8177399
P8177401 P8177402 P8177404 P8177405
P8177406 P8177407 P8177408 P8177409
P8177410 P8177411 P8177413 P8177414
P8177415   On the way to Stoneman Lake P8177416 P8177417   Stoneman Lake P8177418
P8177419 P8177420   Cindy's dog Lucy investigates the sunflowers P8177421   The monsoon clouds are already gathering... P8177422
P8177423   The dark area in the center is horsetail growing in lake mud P8177424 P8177425 P8177426
P8177428 P8177429 P8177430 P8177431
P8177432 P8177433 P8177435 P8177436
P8177437 P8177438 P8177439 P8177440   Russian thistle
P8177441   Horsetail P8177442 P8177444 P8177445
P8177446   Outside the horsetail zone grows a band of tall grass... P8177447 P8177448 P8177449
P8177451 P8177452 P8177453 P8177454
P8177456 P8177458 P8177459   ...Perfect for grazing cows P8177460
P8177461 P8177465 P8177467 P8177468
P8177469 P8177470 P8177471 P8177472
P8177474 P8177476 P8177477   Though thevtrail continues around the lake, this is as far as we get before thunder turns us around P8177478   Globemallow
P8177479 P8177480   What's that large black animal across the lake? P8177481 P8177484
P8177485 P8177486 P8177487 P8177488
P8177489 P8177490 P8177491 P8177492
P8177493 P8177495   We drive around the lake in the other direction for a short distance P8177497   Toward Lake MAry, we stop partway at a camp with several horses P8177498   These are Costa Rican Paso horses, bred in Cornville
P8177499   Cindy specializes in painting horses from photographs P8177500   Pasos are known for their smooth riding gait P8177502 P8177503
P8177506 P8177507   Here are some browns... P8177509 P8177513   ...And one black
P8177515 P8177516 P8177518 P8177519
P8177522   A forest puffball fungus P8177523 P8177524   Finally, we head for a tank wher the dogs can swim P8177525
P8177526 P8177527 P8177528 P8177529
P8177530   Mullein P8177531 P8177532 P8177533
P8177534 P8177535