Surprise Canyon Apr 10

A side trail from Loy Canyon
P4065548   SURPRISE CANYON P4065550   Starting from the Loy Canyon trailhead P4065551   We take the public trail up Loy P4065552
P4065553 P4065554   Past the Hancock Ranch P4065555 P4065556
P4065557   We trun off the public trail and cross a side wash P4065558 P4065559   Up on the walls, we reach an alcove of rock art P4065560
P4065561   The snake was venerated because it was reputed to move easily b etween the surface world and the 'unnderworld P4065562 P4065563 P4065564
P4065565 P4065566 P4065567 P4065568
P4065570 P4065571 P4065573 P4065575
P4065577 P4065578 P4065579 P4065580
P4065581 P4065582 P4065583 P4065584
P4065585 P4065586 P4065588 P4065589
P4065590 P4065591 P4065592 P4065593
P4065594 P4065596 P4065597   We continue up the canyon P4065598
P4065599 P4065601 P4065602 P4065603
P4065605 P4065606 P4065608 P4065609
P4065610 P4065611 P4065612 P4065613
P4065614   We climb up a ridge between Surprise and Loy Canyons... P4065615 P4065616 P4065617
P4065618   Looking back at Surprise Canyon P4065619 P4065620 P4065621
P4065622 P4065623 P4065624 P4065625
P4065626 P4065627 P4065628 P4065629   ...and over at Loy Canyon
P4065630 P4065631   This is the way we return P4065632 P4065633   Mingus Mountain has had snow all winter, a rarity
P4065634 P4065635 P4065636   In Loy Canyon, we pass another, small Sinagua habitation. This could have been just one family. P4065637
P4065638 P4065640 P4065641 P4065642
P4065643 P4065644 P4065646 P4065647
P4065648 P4065649 P4065650 P4065651