V-V Summer Solstice Jun 10

Solstice at the rock art wall at this developed ruins site near I-17 and Hwy 179
P6216415   SUMMER SOLSTICE AT V-V P6216416   The fire place at the old ranch house, which was demolished for asbestos P6216417   We walk to the petroglyph wall P6216418
P6216419 P6216420 P6216421   At the rock art wall, one of the most richly decorated in this region P6216422
P6216423 P6216424 P6216425   Sharon Smith, our exceedingly knowledgeable guide, explains P6216426   The phenomena we are looking for takes place at astronomical noon, 12:51, on solstice day
P6216427 P6216428 P6216429 P6216430
P6216431   This thin vertical blade will yield a profile of the San Francisco Peaks when illuminated P6216432 P6216433   The small projecting stone inserted is what casts the primary shadow P6216434
P6216436 P6216437 P6216439 P6216440
P6216441 P6216442 P6216443 P6216444
P6216445 P6216446 P6216447   At 12:38, the first sunlight illuminates the wall P6216448
P6216449 P6216450 P6216451   12:42, and the shadow-casting stone is illuminated P6216452
P6216453 P6216454 P6216456   12:46 - getting closer P6216457   12:50, and this is the shadow we're looking for
P6216459 P6216460 P6216462 P6216463
P6216465 P6216466 P6216467 P6216469
P6216470 P6216471 P6216472 P6216473   Sharon Smith with Nancy Bihler
P6216474   Heading back at the V-V P6216475 P6216476   At the upper end of FR 618, a brief stop to see older pictographs. These are not as distinct. P6216478
P6216479 P6216480