Woods Canyon Feb 10

Coming over the Horse Mesa saddle, starting at the Jacks Canyon trailhead
P2164563   WOODS CANYON P2164566   We have 26 hikers today P2164568   At first, t's a flat trail in woods near Village of Oakcreek houses P2164569
P2164570   We start to climb the saddle between Horse MEsa an the westerly Wild Horse MEsa P2164571 P2164572   Wild Horse Mesa takes its name from a Zane Grey movie shot in the area P2164573
P2164574 P2164575 P2164577 P2164578
P2164579 P2164580 P2164581   Our first water break on the side of the hill P2164582
P2164583 P2164584 P2164585 P2164587
P2164588 P2164589 P2164590   Up on the saddle between the two mesas, time for a snack P2164591
P2164592 P2164593 P2164594 P2164595
P2164596 P2164597 P2164598 P2164599
P2164600 P2164601 P2164602   Woods Canyon is usually dry, but a month of rainy weather has brought plenty of water P2164603   This trail starts by Oakcreek Ranger Station, but the normal path is blocked by high water at the canyon mouth
P2164604 P2164605 P2164606 P2164607
P2164608   We make our way upstream in Woods Canyon P2164609 P2164610 P2164611
P2164612 P2164613 P2164614   This is as far upcreek as we can get without a water crossing P2164615
P2164616   Foam in a quiet eddy P2164617   Let's eat! P2164618 P2164619
P2164620 P2164621 P2164622 P2164623
P2164624 P2164625 P2164626 P2164627
P2164628 P2164629 P2164630 P2164631
P2164632 P2164633 P2164634 P2164635
P2164636   What are these? LIchens are everywhere on the rocks, but one family is perfectly round with a spot in the center. P2164637 P2164638 P2164639
P2164640 P2164641 P2164642 P2164643
P2164644 P2164645 P2164646   Looking toward the mouth of Woods Canyon, toward the VOC Ranger Station P2164647   From the saddle as we return, great views of Village of Oakcreek
P2164648 P2164649 P2164650