A B Young Trail Oct 11

This trail takes us from the middle of Oak Creek Canyon up to the Rim. Our starting point is Junipine Resort.
PA273861   A B YOUNG TRAIL PA273862 PA273863 PA273864   This low bridge carries residential traffic across Oak Creek to one development
PA273865 PA273866 PA273867 PA273869   We pass next to the Junipine grounds at first
PA273870 PA273872   We pass Bootlegger Campground, the main public access PA273873 PA273876
PA273877   Start of the A B Young itself PA273879 PA273880 PA273883
PA273884   A tarantula on the trail PA273885 PA273886 PA273887
PA273889   The steep section requires 32 switchbacks to the Rim PA273890 PA273891 PA273893
PA273896   Getting high up in the Canyon PA273898 PA273901 PA273902
PA273903 PA273904   Our first break PA273905 PA273908   We spot circling hawks
PA273909 PA273910 PA273911 PA273912
PA273917   Now we climb along the ridge at the top PA273918 PA273919 PA273920
PA273921 PA273922 PA273923 PA273924
PA273925 PA273926 PA273928 PA273929
PA273930   The East Pocket Lookout, open only during fire season PA273931   We can climb the tower to the hatch in the platform PA273932 PA273934
PA273936 PA273937 PA273938 PA273939
PA273940 PA273941 PA273942 PA273943
PA273945 PA273946 PA273947 PA273948
PA273949 PA273950   The Jerry Vultee crash site (1938). Vultee was enroute form Winslow to Burbank. PA273951   MOat of the large wrecake was hauled away in the 1960s, so only small debris is left PA273952
PA273953 PA273954 PA273955 PA273956
PA273957 PA273958   Time for lunch. This huge block is separating from the Rim and will soon fall into the Canyon. PA273963 PA273964
PA273966 PA273967 PA273970 PA273971
PA273972 PA273973 PA273975 PA273976
PA273977 PA273978 PA273979 PA273981
PA273983 PA273984 PA273985 PA273991   We spot a herd of deer running through the trees
PA273993   back past the Lookout PA273994   This solar outhouse is for the Lookput crew in season PA273996   Heading down! PA273997
PA273998 PA273999 PA274001 PA274002
PA274004 PA274005 PA274006 PA274007
PA274008 PA274009 PA274011 PA274012
PA274014 PA274016 PA274017 PA274018
PA274019 PA274020 PA274021