Boynton Canyon Heights Apr 11

Climbing high above the main train in Boynton Canyon
P4219116   BOYNTON CANYON HEIGHTS P4219117   The public trail into Boynton P4219119 P4219120
P4219121 P4219123 P4219124 P4219125
P4219126 P4219127   Through a high manzanita thicket P4219130 P4219132   Here we turn onto a social trail
P4219133 P4219134 P4219135 P4219136
P4219137   A tourism chopper skims above us P4219138 P4219139   We turn up a snake-filled wash P4219140
P4219141 P4219142 P4219143 P4219144
P4219145 P4219146 P4219147 P4219148
P4219150 P4219151 P4219154 P4219155   We emerge onto a high meadow
P4219156   ...surrounded by the sheer walls at the end of Boynton Canyon P4219158 P4219161 P4219163
P4219164 P4219165 P4219166 P4219167
P4219168 P4219169 P4219170 P4219171
P4219172 P4219173 P4219174 P4219175
P4219176 P4219177 P4219178 P4219179
P4219180 P4219182 P4219185 P4219186
P4219187 P4219188 P4219189 P4219190
P4219192 P4219194 P4219195 P4219196
P4219197 P4219198 P4219200 P4219201
P4219202 P4219204 P4219205 P4219206
P4219207 P4219208 P4219209   On the return, we follow the was a greater distance... P4219210
P4219211 P4219212   ...and at this open area cut across a short distance to the public trail P4219213 P4219215
P4219218 P4219220 P4219221 P4219222
P4219223 P4219224 P4219225