Boynton Slot Canyon Dec 11

A slot canyon to the side of Boynton main trail
PC295537   BOYNTON CANYON AND MORE PC295538   Starting at the public Boynton trailhead PC295539 PC295542
PC295543 PC295545   Clothing adjustment PC295546 PC295547
PC295549 PC295550 PC295551 PC295552
PC295553   We hike up to the snow li e on the public trail PC295555   ...and then turn toward a slot canyon PC295556 PC295557
PC295558 PC295559 PC295560 PC295561
PC295562 PC295563 PC295564 PC295565
PC295566 PC295567 PC295569 PC295571
PC295573 PC295574 PC295576 PC295577
PC295578 PC295579 PC295580 PC295581
PC295582 PC295583 PC295584 PC295585
PC295586   From here, a lot more climbing will bring us to a ruin PC295587 PC295589 PC295590
PC295591 PC295592 PC295593 PC295594
PC295595 PC295596 PC295597   Our lunch spot PC295598
PC295599 PC295600 PC295601 PC295603
PC295605 PC295606 PC295608 PC295609
PC295610 PC295611 PC295612   Yes, we're going to climb THAT PC295614
PC295615 PC295617 PC295619 PC295621
PC295622 PC295623 PC295625 PC295627
PC295629 PC295631 PC295632 PC295634
PC295635 PC295636 PC295637 PC295638
PC295639 PC295641 PC295642 PC295644
PC295645 PC295646 PC295647 PC295648
PC295651 PC295652 PC295653 PC295654
PC295655 PC295656 PC295657 PC295658
PC295659 PC295660 PC295661 PC295662
PC295663 PC295664 PC295665 PC295666
PC295667 PC295668