Brins Ridge Apr 11

From the Jordan trailhead above uptown Sedona
P4148874   BRINS RIDGE P4148876   Starting out on the public trail P4148877 P4148878
P4148879 P4148881 P4148882   Once on top of the mesa, we head to the east edge P4148883
P4148884 P4148885 P4148887   Grand views await at this end of the mesa P4148888
P4148889 P4148891 P4148892 P4148893
P4148894 P4148895 P4148896 P4148897
P4148898 P4148900 P4148901 P4148903
P4148905 P4148906   Crossing to the ridge at the west side of the mesa, across the burn area P4148907 P4148909
P4148910 P4148911 P4148912 P4148913
P4148914 P4148915 P4148916 P4148918
P4148919 P4148920 P4148921 P4148922
P4148923 P4148924 P4148925   The season's forst claret cup flower P4148926   Hadji has already reached the point of the ridge
P4148927 P4148929 P4148930 P4148931
P4148932 P4148933 P4148934 P4148935
P4148937 P4148938 P4148939 P4148940
P4148942 P4148943 P4148944 P4148945
P4148946 P4148947 P4148948 P4148949
P4148950 P4148951 P4148953 P4148954