Cathedral Seven Sisters Feb 11

A loop around the Seven Sisters starting from the Back O'Boyond trailhead
P2086860   CATHEDRAL - SEVEN SISTERS P2086863   Starting at the Back O'Beyond trailhead P2086864   We proceed around the creek side of Cathedral P2086866
P2086867   Down along OAk Creek P2086869 P2086871 P2086873
P2086874 P2086875 P2086876 P2086877
P2086878 P2086879 P2086880 P2086881
P2086882 P2086884 P2086885   Wec ut off east, then pass Napoleon's Tomb P2086886
P2086888 P2086889 P2086890 P2086891
P2086893 P2086894 P2086895 P2086896
P2086898 P2086899   Coffee break P2086901   Lookikng across to Verde Valley School P2086902
P2086903 P2086904 P2086906 P2086910
P2086911 P2086912   Now halfway around Cathedral, we head toward Seven Sisters P2086913 P2086914
P2086915 P2086916 P2086917 P2086918
P2086919 P2086920 P2086921 P2086922
P2086923 P2086924 P2086925 P2086926   Lunch with a view of the Sisters
P2086927 P2086928 P2086929 P2086932   Around the Seven Sisters
P2086934 P2086935 P2086936 P2086939
P2086940 P2086941 P2086942 P2086943
P2086945   Coming around to the Village of Oak Creek side P2086946 P2086947 P2086948
P2086950 P2086952 P2086953 P2086954
P2086955 P2086956 P2086958 P2086960
P2086961 P2086963 P2086964 P2086966   Heading back to the front side of Cathedral
P2086967 P2086968 P2086969 P2086970
P2086971 P2086973 P2086974 P2086975
P2086976 P2086977 P2086978 P2086980
P2086981 P2086983 P2086984 P2086985