Cibola Loop Jan 11

From the Soldier Pass trailhead
P1066284   CIBOLA LOOP P1066285   The Soldier Pass trailhead P1066286 P1066288   A snowy day, starting with frozen ground
P1066289 P1066290 P1066291 P1066292
P1066293   Clint Gelotte leads P1066294 P1066295 P1066296
P1066297 P1066298 P1066299 P1066300   we stick to a bicycle trail higher in the canyon, and less muddy
P1066301 P1066302 P1066303 P1066304
P1066306 P1066309 P1066311   The shaded part of the canyon has more snow, and icy washes P1066312
P1066314 P1066316 P1066317 P1066318
P1066319 P1066320 P1066321 P1066322
P1066324 P1066325 P1066326 P1066328   Break, with Indian flute
P1066329 P1066330 P1066331 P1066332
P1066334 P1066335 P1066337 P1066338   Now we go into a snowier part of the canyon
P1066339 P1066341 P1066342 P1066343
P1066345 P1066346 P1066347 P1066349
P1066350 P1066351 P1066352 P1066353
P106631654 P1066356 P1066358 P1066360
P1066361 P1066363 P1066364 P1066365
P1066366 P1066367 P1066368 P1066369
P1066371 P1066373 P1066374 P1066375
P1066376 P1066377 P1066378   Approaching the saddle of The Mitten P1066380
P1066382 P1066384 P1066385 P1066387
P1066388 P1066389 P1066390 P1066393
P1066394 P1066395 P1066396 P1066397
P1066398 P1066399 P1066400 P1066401
P1066402 P1066403 P1066404 P1066405
P1066406 P1066407   The mitten, from below... P1066408   ...where we find a good lunch spot P1066409
P1066410 P1066411 P1066412 P1066415
P1066416 P1066417 P1066418 P1066419
P1066420 P1066421 P1066422 P1066423
P1066424 P1066425 P1066428 P1066429
P1066431 P1066432   Back on the main trail to Soldier Pass P1066433 P1066434
P1066435 P1066436   Devil's Kitchen: the crack widens P1066438 P1066439
P1066440 P1066441 P1066442 P1066443
P1066445   Öur block"fom the top